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Lighting Solutions

Calms Birds and Reduces Stress

Scientifically backed, engineered solutions that can positively impact your animals’ wellbeing and overall health.

Improve the health and wellbeing of your animals with our engineered LED solutions custom designed to your needs. Backed by scientific data, Nebula Poultry's solutions are engineered for positive effect on the overall health of your animals.

Our lighting solutions ensure your animals will are the most comfortable, least stressed, and in the best state possible to produce top quality eggs and meat.

LED Spectrum Lighting

Spectrum Lighting
Nebula Poultry’s custom spectrum solutions are tailored to your birds. Our spectrums have many benefits that can be explored on our science page. Ensuring a job well done, is a job done right.
Dimming and scheduling your lighting system is as important as the fixtures you use. We have selected the best dimmers possible to provide an effective and seamless system.


Custom Engineered Lighting Spectrums

As part of the custom solutions for your barn, Nebula Poultry has engineered lighting systems tuned to a specific spectrum, and suited exactly for the types of birds you're raising.

NebulaSpec Greenshift

Specially engineered for your broiler birds. Want to lower your condemned & mortality rate?

NebulaSpec Redshift

Specifically engineered for your layer birds to increase the number of eggs per hen.

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