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Ozone Solutions

Deodorizes · Sterilizes · Disinfects

Nebula Poultry Ozone Solutions utilize ozone, a proven safe, cost-effective, and efficient method for killing micro-organisms and bacteria.

Ideal ozone applications

There are numerous applications for ozone on the farm. Below is a small sampling of what ozone can do for you. For customized recommendations on incorporating ozone sanitization in your unique situation, contact us today.

Water treatment for Livestock

Water tank or inline ozone water treatment for drinking water of livestock

Ozone washdown

High Pressure ozonated water for washdown cleaning and sterilization
Natural and effective disinfectant and degreaser

Sanitation Chambers

Sanitization of tools, clothes, equipment and more

Bio Security

Boot and clothes sanitizers
PPE Equipment cleansers

Livestock Transportation

High Pressure washdown of trucks and trailers without the use of harsh chemicals and soaps
Eliminating cross contamination and bacteria on a per load basis

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